We Have Some Extremely Talented Apprentices – Including Award Winners

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June 2017 saw the regional finalist been announced, with 10 people from the Yorkshire and Humber region invited to the Royal York Hotel on 10th October. I was the only apprentice from Hull invited to the next stage as all my competitors were from various parts of Yorkshire. With over 700 applications I did not believe I could win this award

I applied for an apprenticeship vacancy advertised by Chamber Training through the online National Apprenticeship government website and was invited in for assessment. My details were passed on to GEV Wind Power Limited and was immediately invited in for interview. My interview was a success and I was offered the position to start as a business administration apprentice.

I started my new role as a receptionist at GEV doing basic administration for the HR department. I was dealing face to face with employees and technicians. Over the year my role heavily expanded and developed to that of logistics coordinator. This meant that I would be doing researching, costing and booking travel and accommodation for the entire group. GEV have over 40 FTE’s and 110 deployed contractors.

By taking this apprenticeship with GEV Wind Power Limited, it has helped me to build confidence in a business setting and understand my own ability and limitations. It also helped me to deal with situations independently and not have to go to my line manager each time a different situation arose. I worked directly with and alongside technicians and suppliers from both the UK and overseas in order to deliver savings and logistics correctly. I was able to put procedures in place to ensure that projects were completed within set timescales and budget.

The progress I was making throughout the company did not go unrecognised and they asked me to apply for the ‘Apprentice of the Year Awards 2017’. The management team at GEV were helpful throughout the whole application process. I was told that the Apprentice of the Year Awards are split into two sections these are Regional and National. June 2017 saw the regional finalists been announced, with 10 Apprentices from the Yorkshire and Humber region been invited down to the Royal York Hotel on the 10th October 2017.  I was the only apprentice from Hull invited to the next stage as my other competitors where from various parts of Yorkshire including Leeds and York.

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend this ceremony as my holiday was already booked so I spoke to the National Apprenticeship Service who strongly advised that someone should attend the ceremony to represent me on the day. I spoke to Karen my tutor and she said that she would be happy to go and represent me. With over 700 applications I did not believe that I could win this award, however Karen Face Timed me at 2:00pm on the day of the ceremony and I saw everyone clapping and cheering and then I saw my name on the board as the winner.

I am looking forward to competing for a place at the national stages on the 18th January 2018.

Emily Faulkner (Business and Administration Apprentice)