The Latest from our Matrix Accreditation

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We are pleased to announce that we have recently retained our Matrix accreditation and would like to share some of the quotes from the report received from learners, employers and working partners with you.

IAG delivery is a key role for all staff including senior management, and all staff members’ support was frequently praised by clients: “My tutor is absolutely fabulous! The support I get is amazing”; “They’ve guided me through everything. I feel really supported”; “I started learning with them years ago. Now I send my own staff and wouldn’t use anyone else”.

The organisation embraces IAG as a service to ensure that targets in the form of retention and achievement are realised, putting into practice the Chamber Training mission “…to encourage, support and empower people to be the best they can be and accept nothing less”. IAG also enables the achievement of some of the overarching aims covered in the Business Plan such as providing high quality learning, adding value to the learner journey and enabling business growth.

IAG delivery approaches are effective, with design and development firmly focused upon realising the achievement indicators for each programme. Recruitment is centred upon quality IAG practices and is sector-specific.

Objective IAG is delivered with a clear focus upon ensuring the potential learner understands what is expected within the apprenticeship framework or qualification, with care taken to identify additional support needs, and match the programme to the individual’s learning style. All staff were able to provide a clear description of the IAG service entitlement and how they bring it to life.

School and sixth-form college partners confirmed that Chamber Training has done some excellent work in promoting apprenticeships to school leavers. It presents apprenticeships as being an alternative pathway to A levels and/or university through its work in schools and colleges, including attendance at careers fairs as part of a Careers and Enterprise Company programme. Schools and colleges confirmed that they invite Chamber Training to events, so that young people and their parents can make informed decisions based on facts, with apprenticeship myths busted. Apprenticeships are promoted impartially, with much of its promotion work revolving around apprenticeships as a whole rather than Chamber Training specifically.